Pro:Idiom™ Security Terminator

Pro:Idiom™ Security Terminator
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Price: $104.00
Product ID : DCI401MCS
Weight: 4.00 lbs
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DCI401MCS – HD Security Terminator


The DCI401MCS is a Pro:Idiom security terminator box designed to allow hospitality, lodging and institution, and assisted living operators to reclaim analog bandwidth and address the needs for HD compatibility, affordability, and addressability. The compact adapter box can receive the modulated RF content, decrypt the Pro:Idiom™ protected content, then deliver to a display using an HDMI connector.


  • HDMI output of Pro:Idiom™ protected content originating on a COM2000
  • Small form factor (4.33” x 0.96” x 3.19”)
  • Analog RF output on channel 3 or 4 of SD or HD In-the-Clear programming
  • RF Remote Control to allow for flexible mounting options
  • Programmable IR commands to control TV power and volume
Intended for professional use in Pro:IdiomTM encrypted video system.